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Healthy Heart Happy Life Organization (HeLO)

হেলদি হার্ট হ্যাপি লাইফ অর্গানাইজেশন (হেলো)

Charity, Awareness & Research For Humanity

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  • Month-long program jointly organized by HeLO-IPDI Foundation on the occasion of World Heart Day.

Month-long program jointly organized by HeLO-IPDI Foundation on the occasion of World Heart Day.

  Fattah Plaza (7th Floor), 70, Green Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 32% of all deaths worldwide. About 18 million people worldwide die of heart disease every year. This number is gradually increasing all over the world including Bangladesh.


With the aim of reducing this horrific level of heart disease in the world— World Heart Day is celebrated around the world on September 29 every year. The main goal of this year`s Heart Day is to reduce the incidence of heart disease by increasing the awareness, prevention and management of heart disease among people around the world using digital technology. The Healthy Heart Happy Life Organization (HeLO) and the IPDI Foundation have planned a month-long program to implement this goal in our country.


The Healthy Heart Happy Life Organization (HeLO) started its journey with the slogan `Awareness, Charity and Research for Humanity`. It is a non-political, non-sectarian and voluntary organization. Its main goal and objective is to play a role in human development through awareness, research and provision of necessary services in various aspects of society.

The Interactive Professional Development Initiatives (IPDI) Foundation, a sister concern of HeLO, is a multi-professional organization whose main goal is to develop and implement various programs aimed at professional development in their respective fields.


The HeLO-IPDI Foundation plans to implement a month-long program on the occasion of World Heart Day on September 29. The program includes-


1. Free health awareness and health check-ups at four parks in Dhaka (blood pressure measurement, diabetes test, weight and height measurement, health message and advice)

2. Providing health messages in five traffic signals in Dhaka to increase health awareness.

3. Television Program

4. Publishing articles on heart disease in print media

5. Campaign through social media

6. Distribution of booklets on heart disease awareness





4 September 2021 (Saturday)

Dhamnodi Lake-Park

7 AM.

11 September 2021 (Saturday)

Ramna Park

7 AM.

18 September 2021 (Saturday)


7 AM.

25 September 2021 (Saturday)

Gulshan Lake park

7 AM.

29 September 2021 (Saturday)

Shahbag,Bijay Sarani, Banani, Gulshan-1 Signal

Whole day long


Social media Campaign:

1. Poster / Photo: Monthly Graphic Post on Heart Disease

2. Video: Live and recorded video on Heart Disease