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Healthy Heart Happy Life Organization (HeLO)

হেলদি হার্ট হ্যাপি লাইফ অর্গানাইজেশন (হেলো)

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Free eye camp

  East khaderchora, Matiranga, Khagrachari

Free eye camp by HeLO on 21 February 2021
On 21 February 2021, Healthy Heart Happy Life Organization (HeLO) arranged a free eye camp in Matiranga, Khagrachari. Some of the renowned eye-specialists of our country were present there to serve the patients with treatment, distribution of spectacles and medicines totally for free. Besides, the patients who were in need of eye-surgery, HeLOarranged free operation for them at Chattogram Medical College Hospital.  Under the presidency of Adv. Abu Reza Md.Qayyum khan Matiranga zone commander Lt. Col. Md. Mohsin Hasan ( BSP,PSC) inaugurated the campaign program.